1. When reporting on Lakewood’s “ultra orthodox private schools” one should do her/his “homework” regarding the guidelines for the use of public funds for any private school — regardless of its affiliation.Lakewood PSD allocates what is required under statute to these schools, no more and no less.As for private schools such as SCHI and The Center for Education, which are constantly being singled out in articles not just here but in other media, the information being provided has been disingenuous as well as inaccurate.These schools are NJ Deptartment of Education Approved Private Schools for Students with Disabilities (APSSD), and are very different from the other private yeshivas in Lakewood, and they are both administered and funded differently, in accordance with NJ Dept of Ed, NJ State and Federal guidelines.Theses schools provide invaluableservices to the student population and their families (of all backgrounds) for whom they serve.Yes, thanks, no surprise there. Fakery is going to get much worse with AI and the collapse of ethics in politics, etc.Great article! People are hurting in more ways than one. Thanks!

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