1. Ciao Anec!!

    carino davvero. L’originale ha dei buoni effetti di transizione. Roba quasi da prestigiatori digitali… Ma la parodia di Sesame Street è gustosa perchè usa esattamente la stessa trama per prendere in giro il fustacchione moro del bagnoschiuma…

    Ottima segnalazione. A presto!


  2. This how I would respond to Paultard’s comment, if I were as retarded as he isis:ientcSts didn’t even link Katrina to global warming…Yes they did.Every anomaly is touted as “evidence” by warmers.No they aren’t.There is at present nothing unusual about this year.Yes there is.Not as widely accepted as you claim.Yes, as widely accepted as he claimed.And studies so far are inconclusive on the issue.No they’re not.

  3. This is a GREAT GREAT walk-through … thank you! You did a wonderful job of explaining this and helping people to “get it” … clear and concise and soooooo helpful!

  4. jamba ist unfair und zeigt auch nicht wie man sich da wieder rausloggen kann . Wenn ich mir einen Handykarte kaufe dann wir geld abgezogen aber nichts geschickt. ICH WILL MICH SOFORT AUSLOGGEN!!!!!! bitte melden !!!!!!!!

  5. ruben007 (dot ) shopfast.us/aff_c?aff_id=127845&offer_id=8891 This is a free 1000 dollar gift card for incoming babies check it out , remember to replace the (dot) with a period .

  6. Beautiful! They make beautiful embels, but I’m not sure I could ‘waste’ pretty papers in the layers – I would have to use plain ones (or ones I didn’t really like) with pretty patterned paper on top! Thanks for the idea and the chance to win.

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